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Residential Alcohol Treatment Chapel Hill

Drug Use, Alcoholism, and Residential Alcohol Treatment...   Tennessee has been the spotlight for a number of drug trends in recent years, sparking a rise in need for the Residential Alcohol Treatment has to offer. While substance abuse can be difficult to overcome, Chapel Hill alcohol abuse ... Read More

Learn More about Chapel Hill Substance Abuse Centers

About Chapel Hill Substance Abuse Centers...   Chapel Hill, North Carolina is facing, like many other cities in the United States, a substance abuse problem. If you believe that you know someone, family or friend, that is struggling with an abuse disorder or if you believe that you yourself m... Read More

Early Warning Signs of Crack Addiction

Learn to identify early warning signs of crack addiction...   Crack cocaine is the crystal, free-base form of cocaine. Known as a "wonder drug", its popularity is - in part - due to its particular qualities of inexpensiveness, ultra-potency, and causing a fast-acting high. When some... Read More

Healthy Diet During Addiction Recovery

Addiction eventually severs the important mind body connection. Detoxification is an essential step in the addiction recovery process but it can also be taxing on a poorly nourished body. As the body struggles to heal and restore important functions disrupted by prolonged substance abuse, a healthy ... Read More

Chapel Hill Addiction Treatment

Chapel Hill addiction treatment centers know that not all drug addiction happens with hardcore street drugs such as heroin or methamphetamine. In many cases, abuse involves the unlikely agent of a doctor's prescription. Addictive drugs such as painkillers, sedatives, barbiturates and stimulants ... Read More

Drug Abuse Influence on Infant Care

Research on Addiction...   Current research on addiction to heroin and cocaine shows how moms abusing these drugs are less attentive to their babies. Sometimes they may even withdraw from infant distress. Moms abusing chemicals don't nurture or feed their babies properly, according to som... Read More

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